Current Conditions


Can I have a campfire?

Depending on where you are in Oregon and that area’s fire environment, restrictions or bans may be in effect limiting certain activities that commonly start wildfires. Courtesy of the Oregon Department of Forestry, this map provides the latest information on public fire restrictions. 

For more information on industrial restrictions and private landowner closures, visit the Oregon Department of Forestry’s webpage.

Fires In the Northwest (NWCC)

Last year by the numbers (ODF):

Debris Burning 1,603 230 $640,266
Equipment Use 351 181 $1,413,082.57
Recreation 663 118 $2,350,104
Smoking 9 29 $36,461
Juveniles 1 6 $983
Misc 7117 123 $5,345,336
Unknown 14,614 13 $19,519,534
Arson 15 40 $72,591
Totals 24,373 740 $29,378,357

Last Years Totals Federal & State

Fires 1,435
COSTS $607,511,321
Acres 177,400
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