On The Job


Logging Equipment

When you’re on the job, it’s crucial to be aware of your equipment’s condition and to use it responsibly. Feller Bunchers, power saws, and motorized carriages can all be the cause of a wildfire. Agricultural equipment like tractors and combines can also start fires. Use all equipment safely while on the job.
  • Follow all fire season equipment requirements and closures More Info
  • Make sure the exhaust systems and spark arresters are in proper working order More Info
  • Keep a fire extinguisher or water close by
20 Fires
201 Acres
$2,102,544 Fire Costs


Okay smokers, you’ve heard this more times than we can count. Be safe, be smart, and make sure your smoking material is out and properly disposed of. Cigarette butts can smolder for hours before touching off a fire. Smoking is your right, BUTT please put it out right.
  • Dispose of smoking materials in deep, sturdy ashtrays.
  • Make sure butts and ashes are extinguished by using water or sand
  • Never discard butts on the ground or in vegetation outdoors. More Info
1 Fires
35 Acres
$187,289 Fire Costs

Forestland Slash Burning

The burning of leftover forest debris after harvest is an efficient way to prepare the site for future replanting, and it removes the fuel for future wildfires. Under the right conditions and in accordance with Oregon’s Smoke Management Plan, fire professionals and landowners work together to use fire as safely as possible. While much of this practice occurs outside fire season, prescribed fires can occasionally escape and burn out of control, even in the dead of winter. They can also smolder and rekindle in warmer weather. If you are planning to burn after harvest, visit Oregon Department of Forestry’s (ODF) Burning and Smoke Management page for safe burning procedures. Follow these steps to prevent your burn from turning into a wildfire.
  • Make sure that your forest operation notification includes the permit to operate power driven machinery (PDM) and the intent to burn.
  • Work with ODF to obtain a burn permit and burn plan.
  • Register your burn at least 7 days prior to ignition.
  • Receive permission from ODF’s smoke management meteorologists one day before lighting.
27 Fires
168 Acres
$90,327 Fire Costs