In addition to regular title, registration, and plate fees, the specialty Smokey plate has a $40 surcharge due when you first order the plate and at each registration renewal.

The total cost of a set of plates depends upon when, where and how a vehicle owner applies for a new set:

    • Smokey Plate surcharge: $40
    • Plate manufacturing fee: $25.50 for the pair
    • Other DMV costs associated with the vehicle’s year, mileage and county fees can be found here.

Yes. Like other Oregon license plates, the Smokey plate may be customized for an additional DMV charge ($100). Applications and the search for available custom plates take place through the DMV.

Yes, you will be able to maintain your current custom configuration on a Smokey plate, for an additional DMV charge. Applications for replacement custom plates take place through the DMV.

Smokey Plates are only available with passenger vehicles registered in the State of Oregon (no RV or motorcycle plates are available). Souvenir or sample plates are also not available.

The Keep Oregon Green Association is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that works to promote healthy landscapes and safe communities by educating the public of our shared responsibility to prevent human-caused wildfires. 100% of the plate funds go toward fighting wildfires with publicity and education, such as billboards, TV and radio advertising, social media, road signs, and other forms of public outreach.


Smokey Bear is an iconic symbol of wildfire prevention. This plate joins 1950’s artist Rudy Wendelin’s Smokey Bear with a backdrop of Oregon’s lush forests. Together, Smokey Bear, Keep Oregon Green, and you can help protect Oregon’s greatest treasure. The Smokey Bear plates serve as a mobile billboard and reminder of our important cause: Prevent wildfires and help Keep Oregon Green.