Motorized access restricted into the Astoria Basin


Published by Kristin Babbs


ODF: Motorized access restricted into the Astoria Basin

The Oregon Department of Forestry is restricting a motorized access point into the Astoria Basin in an effort to mitigate the risk of fire during the 2016 fire season and to reduce garbage dumping. This restriction went into effect Monday, June 13, 2016, at 12 p.m.

With a dry spring and recent high temperatures, fuels are drier than average for this time of year. These conditions, along with continued vandalism and garbage dumping, have led to the closure of this access point.

This closure will only prohibit motorized access into this forest basin at Williamsport Forest Road off of Highway 202. Restricting motorized access within the entire basin may take place later in the summer if conditions warrant. Access off of Svensen Market Road is still open. The agency asks that those who do choose to recreate within the basin do so responsibly and report any violators to the local office (Oregon Department of Forestry, 503-325-5451) or the Clatsop County Sherriff’s Office (503-325-8635).

For more information, contact Ty Williams, Astoria Assistant District Forester, at 503-325-5451.




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