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Protect What You Love

Let’s get these numbers down — way down. Think before you strike a match, flick your cigarette, or use equipment that can cast sparks, and always have tools on hand to put a fire out. End the trend and help us all Keep Oregon Green.

Show your love for our great state and your awareness of human-caused wildfires by posting your photos.

Simply post your favorite photo(s) of Oregon’s beautiful outdoors on Instagram with #OregonOurOregon and #KeepOregonGreen and your picture could appear in our feed on this page. Show how much you care about our state by adding a tip for preventing human-caused wildfires and how we can all keep Oregon green.

A reprieve from the smoky skies and one more reminder of just how amazing #oregon is.
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This incredibly beautiful state is on fire. Oregon is going through a once in a generation event, wildfires have swept through more than 1 million acres, 1/10th of the residents were asked to evacuate their homes. My heart is breaking for the residents of Oregon, Washington, and California. 💔

We spent the last month in Oregon and found ourselves in love with its incredible natural beauty, quaint coastal and forest towns, and endless opportunities for adventure. We haven’t posted much in the last week as we have literally been on a journey escaping the fire and the smoke. Arriving to one place, only to have to pack up and leave the next day as the smoke rolled in. We felt incredibly thankful to be able to take our home with us, yet devastated for those who couldn’t.

A common question we ask when we meet people on the road who have been traveling the whole country is “what have been your favorite stares?” Without hesitation, we always hear Oregon listed in some part of their top 3. We all love this beautiful state and they are suffering.

If you love Oregon too, consider helping in 3 easy ways:
1️⃣ Text the word “relief” to 503-226-5088 to donate to support the Northwest Response Fund to donate to those affected by the fires in OR and WA.
2️⃣ Go to for today’s day of support for unitedwaypdx to aid those affected by the #wildfires across Oregon.
3️⃣ Join me in donating to keeporegongreen an organization that helps educate the public on our shared responsibility to prevent human-caused wildfires.

Will you join me to help support this beautiful place? Even the smallest bit helps. It may not be your home today, but it was when your RV was parked there... and I bet you had the best backyard ❤️ #homeiswhereyouparkit

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Relaxing on the beach
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Broken Top from Tumalo Mountain. Glad I hauled the zoom camera up this adventure. I hiked up Tumalo, got a few shots like this, and snowboarded down. A video on it will be out this Friday 5pm. ...

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These trails have always been a hometown favorite so I spent my morning giving back and helping forestparkconservancypdx along with fjallraven_na clean up the invasive ivy. This surprisingly was my first trail cleanup and I will definitely do more. I think it’s so important to give back to the places we love and learn how much goes into keeping them maintained. Have you volunteered to take care of our trails before?

Check out the pages below to see how you can volunteer:

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Lighthouses of Oregon: A History of Aiding Maritime Navigation

Coquille River Lighthouse.
The smaller bay lighthouses don't get as much attention. They didn't have the same light distance as the bigger ones, as their purpose was to guide ships into the bay. Still they have their own stories and are interesting in their own way.

My free documentary on Oregon's lighthouses is available at

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“☝️☝️☝️-ed Jack” ...

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Often overshadowed by her older and younger sisters, Middle Sister gets all the attention from this vantage point on the trail! Mountain meadows were popping in colorful displays of wildflowers below the majesty of the Three Sisters mountains. A wonderful day hiking in wilderness back country. ...

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“I drifted into a summer nap under the hot shade of July, serenaded by a cicadae lullaby, to drowsy-warm dreams of distant thunder.” -Terri Guillemets

A recent view on a hot hazy July afternoon in the mountains.

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All who enter, prepare to leave your cares behind 🦄 ...

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