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We’ve all heard this message so many times. “Drown the campfire, stir the ashes, and drown it again” - ok, ok, we got it!. Many Oregonians love the great outdoors, and sitting around a campfire is one event we all enjoy, but it must be extinguished before you leave. Review these tips and rules to help prevent your campfire from becoming the next wildfire.
  • Know before you go More Info
  • Clear around the campfire site and circle the pit with rocks. More Info
  • Keep your campfire small.
  • Attend your fire at all times.
  • Burn wood only.
  • Always have water and a shovel on site.
  • Before calling it a night or leaving for home, make sure it’s DEAD out. More Info
68 Fires
18 Acres
$104,511 Fire Costs

Cars and ATVs

If you’re driving an on or off-road vehicle, it’s vital to have it serviced regularly before hitting the road. Cars, motorcycles and ATV’s can easily cast sparks or overheat - especially if they’re older or not maintained. Review tips to prevent vehicle-caused wildfires.
  • Operate ATVs on established roads and trails.
  • Park on developed surfaces. More Info
  • Ensure all parts of your vehicle are secure. More Info
  • Check your vehicle. More Info
  • Maintain and clean exhaust systems and spark arrestors.
92 Fires
159 Acres
$526,806 Fire Costs


Recognize the fire risk of recreational shooting under hot, dry weather conditions and be vigilant about prevention and risk. Bullets are extremely hot on impact, and the fragments of metal jacketing that land in dry grasses or other flammable material can ignite vegetation.
  • Don’t shoot on hot, dry days. More Info
  • Always shoot into a non-flammable backstop of mineral soil.
  • Be sure it is clear of flammable debris for 20 feet on all sides.
  • Always have a fire extinguisher or water and shovel ready at hand.
  • Check all backstops and shooting areas for any smoke.
17 Fires
187 Acres
$74,814 Fire Costs


Okay smokers, you’ve heard this more times than we can count. Be safe, be smart, and make sure your smoking material is out and properly disposed of. Cigarette butts can smolder for hours before touching off a fire. Smoking is your right, BUTT please put it out right.
  • Dispose of smoking materials in deep, sturdy ashtrays.
  • Make sure butts and ashes are extinguished by using water or sand.
  • NEVER discard butts on the ground or in vegetation outdoors. More Info
24 Fires
3 Acres
$32,645 Fire Costs